B Vitamins are water soluble and essential for many functions within the body; it is vital that we have a sufficient quantity of each of them. These vitamins are essential for many internal body functions including the nervous system, immune system, healthy blood cells, and cell division. Furthermore, B vitamins help to steadily release energy

Your circulation involves your heart, the arteries, the tiny arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins, and even the lungs that exchange de-oxygenated blood for oxygenated blood, which is what every cell needs in order to have normal cellular processes. Circulation Is Necessary For Life Some parts of the body have what’s called “dual circulation,” which means that

Homeopathic teething treatments could trigger seizures in children, public health officials warn. Fresh data suggests a correlation between the herbal remedies and life-threatening reactions, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The findings prompted the FDA to issue an official warning on Monday urging parents to avoid the herbal remedies. CVS has since withdrawn