Homeopathic teething treatments could trigger seizures in children, public health officials warn. Fresh data suggests a correlation between the herbal remedies and life-threatening reactions, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The findings prompted the FDA to issue an official warning on Monday urging parents to avoid the herbal remedies. CVS has since withdrawn

As Nigeria joins the rest of the continent today August 31, to mark to mark African Traditional Medicine Day(ATMD) , questions , such as why Nigeria’s traditional medical practice lags behind, need be asked. With proven local remedies handed down from generation to generation and improved methods of recording, measuring, analyzing and synthesizing ancient pharmaceutical

JEDDAH/MAKKAH — Various herbal medicines have become popular these days as they are being marketed through social media networks. Many people, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, go after these medicines with the hope of finding cure for their illness. Medical experts have pointed out that some herbal mixtures contain harmful chemicals