Nature’s best botanicals and what they ACTUALLY do

Herbs and plant extracts are common ingredients when it comes to beauty and lifestyle products, but what do they actually do and are they really any good?

You might know that lavender is great for relaxing and tea tree oil is super for spot fighting but there’s plenty more that you should be stocking in your cupboard. We’ve taken a look at some of nature’s best botanicals and the benefits they can have on your body.

First of all – why use herbs and botanicals?

“Used properly, herbs can improve our ability to tolerate stress, increase our immunity, regulate our hormones and make us stronger,” says Sebastian Pole, Pukka Herbs co-founder and herbal director. “In other words, they can increase the quality and length of our lives”.

In a world where modern medicine has us hoping for quick and fast fixes, traditional herbal medicine is often overlooked – despite it’s holistic approach.

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